In Case of Emergency Children’s Party Contact List

Planning and hosting a Childs party can be a stressful time. Before you know it everyone has arrived and the party is in full swing.

As parents we don’t always think about what will happen during an emergency. It could be a child with a food allergy, an asthma sufferer or a serious accident happens and you are left to deal with it.

Our simple list can be downloaded right here so you can keep a log of all the information needed for your child’s party to be a success even if something was to happen.

Maybe your child is going to a party so you might want to share this with the parents hosting.

It’s all about good planning and preparation. A small first aid kit is also very useful to have to hand. Contact us if you would like to purchase our £10 first aid kit.

Download your copy below

In Case of Emergency Party Contacts List – PINK

In Case of Emergency Party Contacts List – BLUE




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