Get SMART with First Aid

It is a legal requirement for ALL employers to make sure there are adequate first aid arrangements within the workplace…

…Is your business being SMART?

Ask yourself:

  • If someone suddenly becomes ill, is there an employee with adequate first aid training available?
  • Do you have a fully stocked and in-date first aid box in the office?
  • Do your employees know where this box is?
  • Are workplace accidents being recorded?
  • Have you supplied first aid boxes within company cars?
Smart first aid

Tailored to suit your business, SMART First Aid from Hargreaves First Aid Training makes sure that every aspect of first aid within your organisation is taken care of. From supplying first aid kits for your company cars, to making sure every member of your staff knows basic first aid. Hargreaves First Aid Training have you covered.

How it works…

We begin by carrying out a complimentary assessment of your business to see what first aid procedures and equipment is required to ensure your staff remain safe at work. Based on our suggestions, we can then provide you with our SMART First Aid package that makes sure everything related to first aid is kept up-to-date for only a small monthly fee.

What is our SMART First Aid package?

It is…



SMART First Aid can work for any business regardless of the size. We believe first aid is so important and we want to help you keep it simple.


SMART looks at your business and puts together a simple managed plan to make sure all aspects of your first aid are taken care of – one less essential task for you to worry about, giving you more time to focus on your business.


Paying the same monthly fee based on your individual needs gives you peace of mind and reassurance that all your first aid is taken care of. If your requirements change, our SMART package will review and amend your plan to reflect this. We also carry out an annual review to ensure your first aid is taken care of.


Every year your first aid kit or kits will be replaced with a brand new one. This is to ensure you always have sufficient first aid supplies available, in date and fit for purpose at all times.

We will then recycle your old kits by donating them to UK charities, natural disasters and third world countries.


With our SMART package, all your training requirements will be accounted for. This includes annual refreshers, re-qualifications and initial training as and when required. SMART First Aid training is available in your workplace for as little as two staff members.

SMART First Aid is now available to businesses throughout the East Midlands including Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk and surrounding areas.

For more information on making your first aid SMART within your business, please call 01526 860847 or complete our enquiry form.