East Midlands Businesses can benefit from SMART First Aid

Get SMART First Aid today, it could save a LIFE   SMART First Aid is now available to businesses throughout the East Midlands including Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk and surrounding areas. Tailored to suit any business, SMART First Aid makes sure that every aspect of your first aid is taken care of. From a first aid kit in

Options available when looking for a workplace First Aid training provider

As from October 2013 the HSE no longer approve First Aid training and qualifications offered leaving all employers responsible for making sure the First Aid training they receive is from a competent provider. Your options when choosing a First Aid training provider include: Those that offer regulated approved qualifications (this is myself) Those that operate independently Those who operate

How flexible are my first aid training courses?

Flexible First Aid training

All my First Aid training is designed to be flexible to fit in with a broad range of business working patterns.
Here I have answered your questions on my first aid course flexibility.

Q1, How flexible are your First Aid training Courses?

Quite simply: Very flexible, providing I am available I will provide flexible first aid training courses day or night, (and yes I did really mean during the night)
I know that many employees work permanent night shifts therefore I am flexible enough to train those staff during the night.